Where to spot Wattled Cranes – Amazing facts about wild birds

One of the best things about traveling south of the Sahara Desert is the amazing wildlife. The breathtaking landscapes of never-ending savannahs present you with the unique opportunity to encounter rare birds. One of these is the spectacular Wattled Crane, a regular inhabitant of Zambia, Ethiopia and Botswana. An adventurous safari would not be complete for you and your escorts from EROS without meeting this majestic creature.

Amazing wild birds and where to find them

The African continent has a rich and impressive wildlife. Even if most of the regions have been thoroughly explored, some areas never fail to amaze through their unique and surprising fauna. It is the case of the Zambian region where Wattled Cranes flock in groups that sometimes reach 3,000 birds. You and your ravishing escort from https://www.eros.com/ have the chance to spot them during a short trip around the dazzling outskirts of the dessert. This is where they usually gather to rest after a long day of fishing in the Okavango Delta.

Seeing Wattled Cranes in their natural habitat is a breathtaking experience. This is your opportunity to see these majestic birds coupling and caring for their hatchlings. It would be a shame to live this adventure alone. Therefore, the best way to have this trip is by taking an appealing escort with you. These girls enjoy living on the edge and discovering exciting facts about nature. In their company you can have the time of your life and share a true romance in the heart of nature.

Surprising facts about Wattled Cranes

The Wattled Crane is the second tallest bird of its kind. Its height can reach as much as 5.74ft and its wingspan can stretch to almost 8.5ft. Its plumage boasts a blazing combination of white and ashy gray with some specimens having a black tail of feathers. It is almost impossible to distinguish between the males and the females. This confusion will quickly become a fun guessing game for you and your escorts during the safari trip. However, there is a small tip to keep in mind: the larger birds are usually males, while the slimmer cranes are their counterparts.

Late spring is the usual period when Wattled Cranes start reproducing. Although the species is well established in the sub-Saharan regions of Africa, the birds only clutch one or two eggs per year. Still, these amazing birds manage to surprise ornithologists with their large flocks. An experienced safari guide can lead you and your lovely escort to secluded estuaries of the nearby rivers where these cranes gather in thousands.

Find the perfect spot for bird watching

The Wattled Cranes migrate according to the dry season. They always follow the course of rivers and hang around the marshes of the Okavango Delta. Here, they can feast on their favorite foods like snails, insects and small snakes. This is a relatively safe place for you to bring escorts and try to get as close as possible to these spectacular birds.

While on a trip through Zambia or Botswana, try to find the perfect spot for bird watching in the Okavango Delta. Take your escort with you and relish the breathtaking experience of seeing Wattled Cranes in their own, natural habitat. Their peaceful behavior prevents them from being bothered by human presence.